1ère partie de la Fête de la musique ! (12 juin 2014)


Pour célébrer la Fête de la musique au Koweït, l’Institut français du Koweït et Bayt Lothan vous invitent à venir partager la 1ère partie de la soirée scène ouverte qui sera animée par des musiciens locaux, le jeudi 12 juin à 20h, à Bayth Lothan.

The Hashtags : are a three member group that features Sam Alley on Bass and Keyboards. The band was formed in December of 2013 and went on to become very prominent in the Kuwaiti music.

Rain Dragoness and Jake the Guitarist : A guitar and vocal hybrid duo who enjoy making covers and performing in front of audiences who generally enjoy music.

Mahmoud « 7oudster » Kamel : singer/songwriter from Cairo, Egypt (currently based in Kuwait) performing at all the venues the city has to offer since 2003 clearly grasping the ins and outs of the Cairo music scene. Influenced by all types of music but leans towards pop rock.

Fabrice : Check out this Guadeloupian musician, ardent defender of raw pure music, a mix of Reggae and Folk, with rough and soulful vocals.

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