"Diffusion sur TV5 Monde d’un reportage sur Dr. Faiza Al Khorafi, lauréate du prix "Pour les Femmes et la Science" décerné par l’Unesco et la Fondation l’Oréal


The life and work of Professor Fayzah Al-Kharafi is featured in the forthcoming documentary film The Most Fascinating Women in Science – airing March 8, 2011 on TV5Monde.

Kuwait City : Spanning 5 continents in its making, the documentary film The Most Fascinating Women in Science highlights the professional achievements and personal values of 5 extraordinary female scientists from 5 continents ; all of them Laureates of this year’s 13th annual L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards.

The 52-minute documentary – co-directed by renowned French film, design and photography artists Patrick Guedj & Veronique Durruty - promises viewers an intimate portrait of the stupendous work and life of Dr. Fayzah Al-Kharafi as well as that of her fellow female Laureates from Hong Kong, France, Mexico and the United States.

Co-produced by French production company Froggies and the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation, filming of the documentary in Kuwait has been made in collaboration with Kuwaiti film & TV producer Talal Al-Muhanna (Linked Productions) in cooperation with Kuwait Ministry of Information’s Foreign Media Department. The program will be broadcast on March 8, 2011 on TV5Monde as follows :

• Europe : 18h (France, Belgium, Switzerland)
• Asia : 11h (Bangkok)
• USA : 13h (New York)
• Middle East : 16h (Beirut) / 17h (Kuwait)
• Africa : 13h25 (Dakkar)
• South America : 13h (Buenos Aires)

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