New : Applicants holders of a Schengen visa with biometric data collection are exempt from providing the same data again

Applicants who have already obtained a Schengen visa with biometric data collection less than 5 years ago (precisely within the last 59 months) are now exempt from providing their biometric data, provided the previous Schengen visa mentions ‘VIS’.

To qualify for this exemption measure, you have to support your visa application, a copy of your previous Schengen visa indicating the ‘VIS’ mention. If these conditions are met, you are not required to present in person to give your biometric data. Your visa application must contain, aside from the other required supporting documents, two passport photos meeting the ICAO standards.

Please note that in the event that the biometric data previously recorded could not be used to issue you a new visa, the Embassy may ask to collect your biometric data once more.

Dernière modification : 13/03/2014

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